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My just back is a bit delayed as its taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. Have spent the past 2 weeks walking around with my bottom lip on the carpet so thought I'd better lift it off, well at least to write my report then no doubt it will drop back down there!

Anyway I ventured over to Bali for the 12th time and spent 2 weeks in Kuta (I m one of those Kuta lovers) with great friends and had an absolutely fantastic time, rates one of the best for sure. I will post my report in parts covering the significant things of my trip in snippets.




I flew over alone and stayed alone but met up with several friends from several states in Australia which was excellent to say the least. I really enjoyed staying by myself and having my own space but then being able to meet up in the arvos and nights with others. Finally met my Bob from Melbourne (we'd met before but only for ˝ hour) and he's the nicest, most down to earth, generous, caring and funniest bloke. Me and Bob got on really well and spent heaps of time together throughout his 10 days, thanks again Bob for making the trip what it was.


lAlso met up with Brian from Woolongong over there at long last, we'd tried to hook up several times before but now it finally happened. Another top bloke who I am proud to call my friend and no doubt we will all remain friends for a long time to come. I hope to all meet up again over there again as it just wouldn't be the same without them! Thanks also Brian as both you and Bob made my holiday what it was.


Became great friends with Amanda who I met through Bob. She lives in Bali so was over the moon for our aussie company. What a wonderful girl she is and I will truly miss her.


My friend Kazza from Ayers Rock was also in town. Some of you may remember me speaking about in my just back from last time. She was over spending a month with her boyfriend so was one very happy girl indeed! All is going wonderful for them and I m sure it will continue to, another success story so far for western/Indonesian relationships, yeah!!


I also met up with Tash a couple of times who used to post on this forum quite a bit. She now lives in Bali so had the opportunity to meet up with her after emailing back and forth for a year or more. This forum really is a great source to meet many wonderful people and most of the best friendships I have made have been with thanks to this forum!


And of course I spent time with my father, step mum, step family and the many Indonesian friends I've made over the years. Too many to mention and sure I've gone rambled on enough so won't bore you with more details!




Flew Ansett from Coolongatta to Sydney then to Denpasar. Ansett do not offer a direct flight from Brisbane anymore so had to choice but to go via Sydney both legs. This proves to be a big hassle and not much time getting from A to B so it's a real rush job. If it wasn't for me being in Ansett Frequent Flyers I would definitely not choose to fly with them. After I have enough points for a free trip I will be flying Garuda again for sure as Ansett's service is still as shocking as usual.


lYou want a drink? Well hope your not dying of thirst! You want your tray collected within reasonable time after you've finished your meal? Well forget it, looks like it will be sitting there for quite a while yet. You want to actually hear the movie/radio? Well you better hope your headset connection doesn't have one hell of a loud crackle. You want to ask for something, anything only to have the hostess never to be seen again? Well Ansett is for you! So you get the gist, no need to for me to elaborate anymore and those complaints and alike are not just from my latest flights but most of them I have done with Ansett. When is Garuda going to bring out a Frequent Flyer programme??


As shitty as Ansett was I could have kissed their butts upon landing, yippee I'm in Bali again and now that's all that matters! Those frustrations of mine have all been forgotten now as there are so many more things to put my energy towards. Bali&&. Bring it on!! Seems as so loads of planes touched down at once which you can only imagine how long the queue to go through immigration was, long hot sweaty queue I may add but stuff it I'm in Bali and the Bali mode has already set it so this is nothing to get annoyed about. Patience is a must in Bali and if you have none I would think you would find a Bali holiday rather frustrating. Finally approached the counter to get the 101 questions from the immigration guy. I had a visa in my passport from a previous visit and the guy thought he'd use it as a discussion/interrogation point. He probably wanted a present from me but wasn't his lucky day.


Got the all clear and once again I'm out the front of Denpasar airport seeing that wonderful sea of Bali faces holding their transfer signs. Amongst them my dad and step mum give me a surprise welcome. I cannot describe how great it feels at this point, who needs drugs when you've got the arrival hall at Denpasar airport I say and the feeling only got better with each adventure and step I was to take throughout my stay.




HOTEL BARONG: Stayed my 2 weeks here and was not disappointed. This was about my 6th stay at Barong and I would go back there yet again as I cannot really fault the place. I love the location (Poppies Lane 2) and even though Barong is considered a budget hotel it has everything. Rooms are smallish and very basic but they are neat and tidy. Complete with mini bar fridge, TV (not that I watched it), air con, shower, basin, hairdryer on request. Was nice and comfortable and I enjoyed my time there. The staff are very friendly along with most places and they are also very helpful. Food is good although they haven't varied there menu at all since I started staying there years ago and I noticed the prices had gone up. Room service is good (even when you wake the guy up at 4am) and it costs no extra. Just the usual tax and service charge which applies regardless if you eat in the restaurant or get room service.


DEWI SRI: I did not stay here at all but since Bob spent a few days at Dewi Sri I got to have a look. I was really impressed as I expected it to be a dump but I was so wrong. It is owned by the Barong/Bounty group and is very similar to the two but in my opinion it s much nicer. Probably because it is new therefore it is more fresh looking (rooms, gardens, furniture etc) Location is good also being situation in the lane right next to Paddy's pub, very central. Pool looked fantastic, especially at night as the lights around the place were really pretty. I doubt Dewi Sri will stay as cheap as it has been for long, I am predicting it to end up costing more than Barong as it does seem a better hotel. So for anyone who is unsure about this place, don t be.


SRI RATU: After Bob finished his package at Dewi Sri he moved up here and so did Brian. Therefore once again I got the opportunity to check it out. I am so glad I finally got to see this place for myself as I had heard so much about it on this forum. If you re looking for a small quiet and tranquil type of place Sri Ratu just might be for you. Brian was staying in one of the 2 storey rooms which was quite impressive and I believe it is rather cheap for what you get, same goes with Bob's room. He was staying in a standard type room (I think), was very nice and tidy, in fact the whole property was. The pool is quite small but big enough for a swim and cool off. Let me just say to you Peter and anyone else that the photos on the Sri Ratu web site do not do this place justice.


PURI TANAH LOT: Another friend of mine was staying here so got to check it out again (have been there before) This hotel is located in Camplung Mass which is a lane of Melasti Street, Legian.. Budget hotel with budget style rooms so depends on what you re after weather you d like it or not. Although you can get different standards of rooms, for e.g. some with air con some without, some with hot water some without etc. Rooms I have seen are very basic but spacious, huge bed and huge bathroom. Restaurant is really good, it is situated on the street and the food is reasonably priced and everything I have ever tried here has been delicious. They also screen movies which brings in quite a crowd.




TOOTSIES: Bob, Brian, Amanda and I set off to Sanur one day for a shopping spree at Tootsies. Taxi driver drove us around Sanur for what felt like ages before finally dropping us off near the beach. Turns out he'd totally dropped off us in the wrong place which meant we had to walk for about 5 km along the beach! First time for me to Sanur beach and I sure did get a good look! A couple of drink and food stops later, along with some good laughs Tootsies was in sight.


lAfter all the hype about this shop I found myself being rather disappointed as I expected something spectacular, a large shop with heaps of different things. It's just an average shop like any other but yes it is set price. I bought up big on T. Shirts and paid between Rp17,000 Rp22,000, depending on the size which was a bargain. I would not recommend taking a special trip to Sanur just to visit Tootsies as I don t think it is worth it. Regardless though we all had a fantastic day and our mission to get there was half the fun!


BEADS: I had previously been recommended a good cheap wholesale loose bead shop on the forum, as a bead lover I was hanging out to get there and I was in heaven! They literally had millions of beads and it was so overwhelming I just kept grabbing packets until I had about 4kg worth! This is not a shop directed towards tourists and the staff don't speak any English and my Indonesian is minimal so I found it easier to just go behind the counter and help myself. They were happy for me to do this.


They mainly stock seed beads but do also have some feature type beads as well as sewing/craft type items. Prices were so cheap compared to here, paid $40 for 4kg which is unbelievable. I probably got a bit carried away and may never use them all but just couldn't help myself. Besides beads was the only thing I'd brought for myself during my trip so think I deserved to go a bit crazy! So if you're into beading a visit to this shop is a must, you'll be like a kid in a lolly shop!


Ahmad Dahlan

Toko Central

Jalan Raya Kuta No.105 C-D

Kuta Bali

Telephone: 764323 or 758237

Fax: 0011 62 361 758237

Email: (apparently he rarely checks it though)

From Jl Legian, turn left at Bemo corner and keep going until you re over the bridge. Just as the road bends to the left the group of shops is on your right hand side. There is a sign saying Toko Central . I got a taxi to take me as I had no idea where it was, even if you do take a taxi remember these directions though as chances are the driver won t know it s exact whereabouts either and you could be driving around for hours as Jalan Raya is a long street.


$2 GOLD COIN JEWELRY: I had a couple of friends that wanted me to get some gold coin bangles made, thought it would be easy but how wrong was I! Had heard a lady at Bagus Pub makes them so chose to get them done there. Ordered the 2 on my first day so they had ample time to make them. Price was 2 x $2 coins (supposedly for the actual bangle) and Rp25,000 each for the making of them.


A few days later Bangle number 1 was ready, name and size correct (general appeal and quality average) The second one was not ready but promised in a few more days. When I went back to collect it she had a hand full of bangles with every Tom, Dick and Harry's names on them except the one I'd ordered. Obviously she has a collection of them from people who for some reason or another had never came back to collect. After many many no, no, no thank you I just want the one I ordered she tells me ok in a couple of days will be ready. Gee this sentence is getting to sound a bit too familiar!


A couple more visits later and tons more excuses it's still not there. By now it's my last day and she is aware of this so make arrangements for one final pick up time. It's just hours before I have to leave for the airport, feeling in a crappier enough mood as it is so I'm praying it is finally ready. But no sorry my friend who makes dem is sick &&..arrgh I could have boofed her one! The stuff around this bangle had caused was unbelievable and I let her know I was pee'd off too (without being too rude of course).


There was no time left to try again (not that I would have anyway!) so asked for the money back I'd given her. After all this she still tried to scam me one more time by just giving me 1 of my $2 coins back. Like as if I wouldn't have noticed or something! And the other one thanks luv says me and out came the other one. It was only $2 but it's the principle and the hide of her that ticked me off.


Many have been really happy with the gold coin jewelry they've had made at Bagus so perhaps I just came across some bad luck, nevertheless I will not be going back there if I need any in the future. When I think about it this whole $2 gold coin thing is one big scam in itself really anyway. The jewelry isn't really made from $2 coins, they just tell you this! It's probably easier for them to sell the pieces if they say it s made from coins rather than saying it s made from whatever other stuff it really is. They then also have made some quick easy money which they would save up the coins until they can get a tourists to swap their coins over then it's a trip to the money changer for them!




I ventured down to Sami & Suzi's beach bar a couple of times. Every arvo Brian, Bob, Amanda and sometimes Lance would go down there, seemed to be an afternoon ritual. Not really a place I could hang out every day but the couple of times I did go was enjoyable.


Quite a few people would get down there, some forumers and some not. I met Stacey & Pete and another couple from the forum but can't remember their names, sorry guys! Stacey & Pete are so friendly and such a fun loving couple, glad we got the chance to meet. They were actually putting on a BBQ/Party one afternoon which I was invited too but unfortunately never made it. Sorry guys I feel really bad about not turning up, it was a lack of organization on my behalf! I'd slept in and didn't organize my lift up there properly as well as me ending up not knowing where to even go.


Was good to see the forum album filling up, I look forward to checking it out each holiday and there is always new pics to look at. Any newbies visiting just ask Sami for the album and he will get it for you. I love your online version too Johnny D, another great idea which seems to be getting more and more people sending their pic in. I make a point to check it out every few days like I'm sure many others do too, we are a curious bunch aren t we!




BALI SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS (BSPA): I was really looking forward to visiting the new animal shelter run by BSPA in Sanur. I had heard so much about the organization and had been in touch with Pam for quite a while and to finally meet her and see the shelter for myself was something to get excited about.


lI had been warned that the shelter is virtually impossible to find so was quite happy to learn one of my Indonesian friends had been there not so long ago, Bob and I organized with him to take us out, perfect! We still got lost though (of course this is Bali) but at least we got fairly close. Then it was just a matter of a quick call to Herman who came to meet us up the road, we then followed him back. Without this help we never would have made it and I still wouldn't have a clue how to get back there!


Pam was so happy we'd taken the time to come out and visit and so very grateful for the collars and toys we donated. When I first heard the society was asking for collars I thought to myself that a collar isn't going to help a dog in Bali. But as Pam stressed it signifies ownership which that in itself is extremely important and collars permitting they try to give every dog they treat or place in a home a collar. Not sure how the toys will go though as one was pulled out whilst we were there and the dogs were scared of it! Probably had something to do with the fact that it made a squeaky sound, guess dog toys are like a foreign object over there. I m sure by now though the toys will be providing lots of fun and entertainment for them.


lThroughout the arvo Pam chatted away to us for hours about the successes, failures, hopes and dreams of running the foundation. The day to day challenges the society must face are full of frustration and sadness but also great happiness which makes it all worth while. Not an easy job and my hat goes off to anyone and everyone who spares a thought for the thousands of helpless animals in Bali.


There were 8 dogs at the shelter the day we visited but by the time we left there were 7. One poor darling passed away whilst we were there. He had parvo and could not fight it any longer, many dogs are being lost to this at the moment. We were told another one died also before we arrived. Parvo is an airborne disease which unfortunately during windy times like this can spread like wildfire. Thankfully the dogs can be vaccinated against this but there is little that can be done if a dog has already contracted it once brought into the shelter.


lThe other dogs that were there are currently being treated for several medical conditions such as mange, lung problems, infections etc. Once in tip top condition homes will hopefully be found. I fell in love with a dog called Chocolate . He is the most friendliest thing who loves attention and can't stand to be too far away from you. His back legs are paralyzed which results in him not being able to walk. He does have some mobility though by dragging himself around the yard. At first I was heartbroken to see his condition but after not long it was quite clear he was one of the most happiest dogs I'd seen. He is not in pain at all and gets on with his life wonderfully. Chocolate will remain at the shelter for the rest of his days as no one wants him because he's paralyzed. He will continue to live a happy life though as the shelter is now his home and he is being greatly cared for by Herman and Pam. That's why shelters like these are so important, to give animals like chocolate a second chance at a happy, healthy normal life that every living being deserves.


THE GIBBON FOUNDATION: After the shelter Pam took us down to visit the Gibbon Foundation. I feel very privileged to of been able to visit this foundation and see many of the beautiful Gibbons they have there. Besides Gibbons they also have an Orangutan David. Meeting David would have to have been the biggest highlight. He's such a funny character and absolutely gorgeous! I have only seen these guys in books or on TV so to see one in real life and up close enough to touch was absolutely amazing.


lThe Gibbon Foundation is an organization which cares for Gibbons whose mothers have been shot or injured. They also confiscate primates who are being kept illegally throughout Indonesian. They are then brought into the foundation where they are held and cared for until the appropriate court actions have been taken. Usually then the primates are relocated to a rehabilitation centre in the hope they will one day be released. Another wonderful group of people who are doing their best to better the lives of animals which would otherwise have little to no chance.


Previous to my visit here I had heard very little of this foundation, therefore am not 100% sure on other workings they may do. So I do apologise if I have not given a clear view on the work done, I have just written on what I learnt of in that one day.


ROCKY: I had searched the streets for Rocky a couple of times during my first few days but to no avail. So then I thought I might have more luck looking for him of a night (more like early hours of the morning) as when I first came across him on my last trip it was always at night. So this one night I hopped off my bar stool, left my Jam Jar and went on a mission to find him.


lWas walking along the street and thank god I spotted a big black ball of fluff yes I had located my Rocky! At first I wasn't sure if it was going to be him or not but when I got closer I knew it was, only just recognized him though. He looks so very different to my last encounter, he had so much long black hair that it was amazing. He also had character and energy, unlike before when he could hardly lift his head off the concrete.


I just wanted to wrap my arms around him but proceeded with caution of course as I was unsure of his personality and how he would react. I pulled out some of my dog biscuits that I carry with me but he wasn't coming anywhere near me, all he could do was bark, and bark, and bark some more! I put the biscuits on the ground and stepped back a little, he then came over, ate them and continued barking. I sat with him for a while (well as close as he'd let me) and chatted away telling him how happy I was to see him healthy again, wishing him well, etc etc. After a while it was clear he was not impressed with my presence so I went back and finished my Jam Jar (and a couple more).


Every night after that I kept leaving my night time partying to duck out and spend some time with him. I was hoping he would get used to me but unfortunately he continued to give me that woofing welcome, sometimes even running away. He was clearly scared of me, if only he knew I am the last person he should be scared of! One night I reached out to pat him which resulted in him snapping my hand. From then on I did not try to pat him again although I continued to go see him and share some munchies.


I was not put off by his reaction to me as I understand he was just afraid. Of course I would of liked him to be a bit more friendly towards me but I was just happy he at least had energy to bark in the first place. When I first found him last year he was so ill that he was practically on death's door so for him to be up and about was enough to satisfy.


Overall I am extremely amazed at his progress and the change in not only his looks but his energy levels are unbelievable. Once again I was sad to leave him but at least thankful he is now well and I look forward to seeing him again next trip.


ROCKY'S FRIENDS: Rocky was not the only dog hanging around the streets in the area, there were at least 10 others I would come across each night. Me having the great love of Bali s street dogs like I do, I spent time with them all and of course fed them. Rocky's friends got used to me fairly quickly and proved to be very friendly. Each night they'd see me walking down the street they'd come running up to me, tails wagging. Now to see a Bali street dogs tail wagging is something else! No doubt they were happy cos they knew me coming meant food coming.


I got rather attached to this group of dogs, especially 2 in particular. The most loveliest dogs, some of these guys were always happy for a pat and cuddle! I started thinking perhaps I shouldn't be feeding them as when I go they will be expecting me but I obviously wouldn't be able to show up. But I just couldn't have kept on going about my holiday knowing these guys were up the road scrounging through rubbish. If I could make their lives a bit more happier and fill their bellies well I was gonna do it, even if only for 2 weeks, 2 weeks is better than nothing.


During my visits with Rocky and friends I had a few arguments with tourists stumbling by. They would have a go at me saying how could I touch those dogs and how could I feed the mangy things, that I'm mad etc etc. I just can't believe the insensitivity some people show toward these dogs and people trying to be kind to them. I really don't care what anyone has to say about me loving the dogs cos it's my business and my prerogative on what I choose to do and who I choose to help. What anyone else thinks will not put me off and all I can do is what I feel is right and what I m happy with doing.


So if you're one of these people that don't believe in caring for the dogs in Bali please don't abuse me or anyone else who does have a heart for these animals just because you don't!


Also just a tip for those interested re dog food. I had brought some dog treats from home but ran out pretty quick so I went on the hunt for some more and discovered why the animal foundations ask people to bring food over. I brought a 1.5 kg bag of Pal Meaty Bites from Matahari and it cost $10!! That is about 4 times the price of dog food here and I guess when these foundations are feeding on a large scale it works out too expensive to buy the food locally. So if you are bringing food over whether it be for a foundation or to feed dogs yourself I suggest you buy it here if you want to save money.




MEETING ZONTIUS: Before I left I was quite aware of GCC and wanted to meet Zontius as well as make a donation. I had requested the wish list from Rhonda, printed it out and took it with me as I had nothing here to donate so decided to just get a few things in Bali.


Bob and I went to Matahari complete with wish list and did some shopping for the centre. We bought up on toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants etc. Took them along to Zontius the day we met him in his home at Legian. Simon was so very grateful to us and everyone who has contributed in any way. He was saying how overwhelmed and uplifted he feels as the response from forumers supporting the GCC has been enormous.


He said to see the looks on the peoples faces when they receive donations was such a joy, good on ya Zontius, Gloria and everyone involved in helping the less fortunate people of Bali. Unfortunately our time with Zontius was very short due to having a million and one things to do but was happy to at least meet him and contribute in some small way.


A tip re donations for GCC, if you are actually buying things to donate you will find a lot of items are cheaper to buy in Bali. Such as the things we brought from Matahari, I also believe over the counter medicines are much cheaper too. Actually most items in need are probably cheaper there, you will get better value for money.




I didn't eat out a great deal, in fact I didn't eat much at all. By the time I'd get up each day brekky was out the window and I don't eat before I go out so looks like just lunch for me and of course an early morning munchie room service pig out after a big night out. Anyway here's some info on the places I did eat out at.


MINIBAR: Went here for lunch one day and have to say it was the most enjoyable meal yet. I had the chicken in black bean sauce and mind you it tasted nothing like black bean but boy was it good. All of us who ate there really enjoyed our meals and is one of the first places I would return to.


At the end of our meal they handed me a survey which basically is for you to tick boxes and rate the meal you ate, service etc. Then also asking general questions about your holiday. It then has a section down the bottom where you fill in your name and hotel. I started filling it in when good ol intelligent Bob said he thought it was a time share scam! Sure enough he was dead right. No one approached us with free prizes or sales pitches so it wasn t really a hassle at all. Just thought I d warn others incase you thought it was a genuine survey thing like me, cos guaranteed within the next couple of days someone will be knocking at your door asking you to come with them for a presentation!


AROMA'S: Ate here a couple of times but only cos some of my friends would go there each day for a snack of cake. Sure it's nice relaxing kinda place but I wouldn't hurry back there, just like a coffee shop back here really.


It's very expensive too, for Bali standards. I just think it's a waste of money. Friends say the cakes were fantastic though, they looked great but never tried them. They looked very much like aussie café style cakes, not your average odd looking Bali ones. Give me a bland tasting Bali cake with funny fluro icing decoration on top any day!


BAGUS PUB: I try to eat here as often as possible each trip, I just love their food, cheap prices too. Think it's also great how they bring out all the sauces, tomato, chilli, soy etc. yum yum! Apart from the food I don't think Bagus has anything else to rave about, except maybe a good easy meeting place for catching up with friends. Bob, Brian and Amanda did this quite a bit. Arrange a time and we'd all be there, have a drink, meal and chat. Had some great laughs over lunch and a beer didn't we guys!


lNot long ago in someone's just back they mentioned how they hated how the staff come and sit with you. Must say I agree with that, it is so annoying! One or 2 of them will come plonk their butt at your table and start chatting away about some garbage and they stay there during your whole meal. Not so bad if there is a group of you eating but when alone it's a real pain as it did tend to put me off my food sometimes. Really is annoying if you're anything like me and just want to scoff down your food! That may sound harsh I know but most of the time the staff are just making small talk so they can butter you up for a future tour or whatever. Especially the girl there, you're trying to eat and all as she's doing is trying to sell you aussie coin jewelry or pulling out some other jewelry from Malaysia or wherever! No thanks I just want to eat my food, do you have takeaway?&&enough said!


BRAZIL CAFÉ: Well I think that s what it's called! It's located down the lane next to the Bungee Jump. Now this place was fantastic, ate there on my last night and wish I'd discovered it earlier! Each of our meals was delicious and soooo cheap. For 3 of us, drinks and food it only cost Rp35,000. Some places around town you'd pay that for 1 person! Couldn't believe their big fresh fruit juices were only Rp2,500, I'd usually pay up to Rp15,000 for a juice! Brazil gets really packed out too which I guess says it all.


CARUSOES: Bob took Amanda and me here for lunch one day (thanks Bob!) It's located right opposite the beach at Seminyak so the view was fantastic. This place is designed kinda like a big boat with a pirate theme, very well done. The bathrooms are the best believe it or not. Hand basins are these huge clam shells and the mirrors are like port holes, really creative and so different. So if you go here and don't need a loo stop, go check em out anyway.


lWe were the only people in the restaurant and our food took forever to come. We actually saw one of the staff leave the place and come back with stuff, we reckon he had to duck out and buy the food! Nevertheless we all enjoyed our meals and so did the cat hanging around. In fact I had to stop feeding him the chicken otherwise I'm sure he would have spewed, I swear he was acting like he hadn't eaten for a month! (probably hadn't)




I went out and partied every single night, not getting to sleep until around 5 or 6am each morning. Yep, had a blast! I'd actually planned on having a few nights off so I could be a bit productive some days but that thought soon went out the window pretty quick! I couldn't possibly curl up in my hotel for an early night when I knew all the night time action that is happening up the road. It's a bit like this&& oh hang on I m sure I can here those Jam Jars calling me&&. best I be going out, yeah!!


PEANUTS: Partied here every night, most nights staying till they closed (and beyond). Wasn't very packed out at all, usually rather quiet but regardless had the best fun here. I'd never really hung out at Peanuts before but started out meeting Bob there and had a ball from night 1. We hung out with Ngurah most nights who Bob has always spoke so highly off, can see why too. Wonderful guy and sure does know how to have a good time.


Music here is very good too, general party type music and not too technoish, cool! They also get a couple of good bands playing. One being the Reggae band and the other being Crazy Horse. In my opinion the best 2 bands in Bali, both playing totally different music but both just as good&.. good for a perve too!


PADDY'S: I used to be a real Paddy's girl but not this time (sh*t maybe I m getting old!). I expected to be partying here every night like in the past but just found myself wanting to leave as soon as I go there. I do like techno music but found this place just too much when ya half tanked, well fully tanked I should say. The music and crowds were just too full on and it's so bloody hot.


Noticed the downstairs section was VERY busy this time, unlike my past trips. Music is general type stuff downstairs which I think is better but you feel like a sardine. Wall to wall packed out with big sweaty tourists. Me being rather short I felt like passing out whenever I attempted to party down there. Oh and talk about waiting ages for a drink, nothing worse than hanging out for another drink and having to wait so long. No one's fault, just so many people wanting drinks I guess!


lBALI ROCK: Well I must say this place has picked up so much. Must have something to do with the new manager Tony, he is doing a great job as I can definitely see the difference since he s been working for them. Place packed each time we went and a great atmosphere. Not too much Rock n Roll like in the past (thank god!). Actually met Tony and he seems like a nice bloke. Really friendly and professional in what he does, making sure everything is ok and making sure everyone is happy having a good night. Quite a cutey too&.. for a white guy!


Also got to meet the all famous Joe Cool as he is now DJing here and what a great guy. I can see now why people on this forum love him, he is so funny and so outgoing! Talk about energy, my god, I think this guy has springs under his feet! Can also see why he is a hit with the ladies&&. sex appeal for sure!


APACHE BAR: Called in here for a couple of hours or so on a few occasions. Not the type of place I d hang out all night though. Times I went were very quiet and not much atmosphere. The Reggae Band I spoke about before that plays at Peanuts also play here. I don't usually like Reggae music but these guys are great so enjoyed Apache when they were playing.


Have to mention the Jam Jars too, me being a Jam Jar drinker and all&&Apache has the best ones in Bali. Not only are they strong and taste good but the container they come in is a classic! Kinda like a plastic handbag, has a handle and all where you can carry the drink around. I thought was really cool and made me laugh in hysterics first time I ordered one. I actually brought one of the container things home with me as a souvenir, pity it's empty though!


BOUNTY BAR 1: Didn't party here much as whenever I went it was dead as. Has changed so much as it used to be really popular. A real shame actually as I used to love this place. Hopefully Tony will be able to get things up and swinging again, sure he will after seeing the positive change to Bali Rock. I'd heard Bounty was actually closed for a couple of months for renovations, well all I could see that was physically different was they now have a few strips of plastic decorations! Anyone else see anything different??


BOUNTY 2 THE SHIP: Used to end up down here about 3-4am in the morning to party on a bit more. By this stage I'd had a few too many but always had a good time even if I was just sitting on my chair close to passing out! Tell ya what though I noticed the local pros pretty much out number the tourists here, unbelievable! Nothing against the girls though, just saying what I observed.


The thing I like most about the Ship is the fact it s cool and there is room to breath. Especially up the back section where the table and chairs are. A nice place to sit back and have a good look what's going on whilst you suck down another drink! It's also good to have a place open till late (in this area) for those of us who want to keep partying when the others close.


Well that s about it guys, another just back finished! Guess it s time for my lip to drop back on the carpet again, well it never really fully lifted off. But is always great to talk about your trip and sure I ll be talking about this one for a long time to come.


Did I have a good time? Absolutely!


Will I be back? For sure!


Am I hanging out? Big Time!


Thanks everyone who have read my reports and for all the positive feedback, so much appreciated. If anyone has any questions about anything I have written please email me and I will try help out where I can.


Cheers with plenty of Jam Jars&&.




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